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What is the difference between when and while?
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When + for a moment verb(emphasis on point)
While + duration action or verb(emphasis on long term)

1 and 2 correct

3. When I was taking a shower, the phone rang(it is wrong)

4. While the phone rang, I was taking a shower.(it is wrong)
If you think "the ringing lasted throughout the shower", we have to write to
While the phone was ringing, I was taking a shower (my meaning is there are two actions at the same time)

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I still do not understand about what your wrote. Please further explain since I would like to know more about this question.
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My English speaking friend and I decided the difference is in the length of time.

When is about a single point in time (a moment) like a clap, or a phone ringing, or a drink.

While is about a period of time (duration) like taking a long bath, or going for a long run.

So sometimes they are interchangeable but the emphases changes.

So in some cases it is interchangeable but in some cases it is not.
A lot of thanks that was too useful
I am a middle eastern student and i got this question as follow :
1. , the phone rang .
C. As i was taking a shower

so which one is the correct answer and why please
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None is correct.

A. The word 'shore' is impossible in this context
B. Phones don't take showers.
C. The word I is not capitalised.
But What's the meaning of that. I couldn't got you meaning.