what is the difference of girls , girl's and girls'?

Hasibul Alam

what is the difference of between girls , girl's and girls'?

girls - plural of girl

girl's - possessive, belonging to a girl

girls' - possessive, belonging to girls

The girls are happy.

The girl's shoe is missing.

The girls' dresses all look the same.

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girls - plural, more than one girl

girl's - singular possessive, attributed to or owned/possesed by one girl

girls' - plural possessive, attributed to or owned/possessed by more than one girl

What will be wrong if i only say "The girls dresses all look the same." with no apostrophes?

If you leave out the apostrophe, it doesn't really make sense. The apostrophe shows possession - the dresses belong to, or are designed to be worn by, girls. It can be a moot point in some instances as they may not be OWNED by girls, just designed for them, therefore are we talking about the 'genitive' case? A classicist friend of mine feels there is room for discussion on this one, but certainly if they are owned by someone or something, or you can rearrange the sentence to become 'the [x] of ...' then you really need an apostrophe.

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Ours is a _________ school

A. Girls

B. Girls'

C. Girl's

D. Boys

What will be an answer ?

anonymousWhat will be an answer?

Each one can be an answer. The question is which one is the answer.

Ours is a _________ school.

So is a school for just one girl? Or for lots of girls?

Think about that. Read the first answer in this thread. Now what is your answer?



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