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People sometimes mention that Americans are very patriotic, which isn't a bad thing, as long as one is not hurting the sentiments of others. A point always missed by some people is that, many other countries have patriotic populations, like Britain, France, Germany, Russia etc. People is those countries have an large, old, well set in culture for over thousand years at least, they are as or more patriotic than an American. Replying to previous statements, yes the Brits are reserved, polite, courteous in the general behavior, compared to the Americans and Canadians. There is a differnence in being friendly and being courtious. Also some people like to comment that America was the critical factor in WWII and WWI victories, which sounds very irrrational as WWI America hardly did anything, but yes in WWII America helped out significantly, but the comment is a strange one as it shows that it was America bascially doing everything, the same could be said for Britain or Russia, like without Britain the war could not have been won or without Russia the war couldn't have been won. Lastly, I'd just like to add that The american war of independance was won because fresh British troops arriving from Britain via ships were stopped and intercepted, by the French armada which was at that time in the carabean. The Americans asked the French for help, if they hadn't the new British troops would have overrun George Washington's unorganised army (so to all americans don't hate the French, they saved you!). Whats more some Americans think that the British got their "ass kicked" during the American war of indepence, but most americans don't know that a few years after that during the war of 1812, the british army stationed in Canada, burn't down Washinton DC (yes the capital of America), because of American expansion efforts into Canada. The White house as we all know it, was burnt down to the ground by the British army, so whos got thier "ass kicked" now?
AnonymousI found that Americans were very friendly when I stayed in Texas last year. However I noticed that they are not shy in discussing their personal wealth, asperations and achievement. They always asked me what everything costs in the UK compared to prices in Texas. In England we never discuss our incomes. In fact to ask someone's income is considered rude and to volunteer it to quickly is seen as boastful. I met many people on my travels and I must say that people I met that said they were on the minimum wage (bar staff, hotel staff, shop girls &c) were by far the friendliest and most inquisitive about the English and life in England. Whilst I found business types in airport hotels rather sniffy and aloof.and a little insecure I also noticed a certain undercurrent of distrust there of Europeans in general (maybe in light of Europe's reluctance to follow the coalition in Iraq) I also noticed an obsession with 9/11 and the price of Petrol (Gas) I also noticed that their cars and overall technology and fashions a little dated.One question they all asked me was '' Do you think the US is the best country you ever visited? Would you want to live here? and when I replied politely no on both counts they were stunned.Americans also did not seem to have a good grasp of world events and seemed rather perochial
This is because you weren't in the United States. You were in Texas!
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Actually that is a perfect analogy. Most Americans will tell you that they generally like and respect the Brittish people. After all ,they did spawn the United States in a round about way. It seems that the UK and the US are like members of a disfunctional family; lots of love and repect for the most part, however, both assume that the other dosen't "get it" and snickers behind the back ensue. As an American who lived briefly in the UK, I can tell you that there are many more simularities than differences...and we have plenty of trees and clean water.
The War of 1812 (as MOST competent Americans know) was where the lowly colonies fought the mighty British empire to a standstill. The British burned D.C., but got their butts kicked in the Battle of New Orleans, signed a treaty in Ghent, Belgium and went home. I think independence worked out better for both of us. For the Brits who love talking trash about wars fought 200 years ago, I guess we could always refight the war now, if you'd prefer. I believe the outcome would be the same, but certainly more lopsided. As far as the French go, we owed them greatly for their help in the Revolutionary War. However, we returned the favor about 60 years ago, so I'd consider us even. Americans don't have a problem with Brits, as long as they aren't constantly trying to shove their supposed cultural superiority down our throats. We're not better, no worse; our way of speaking is our own; as are our views....let's not stereotype if possible
i meet a lot of british here in california. as for british being more "quiet", i'd have to disagree. the british ive met were more social than most americans i've known, but they were a little more calm and controlled in their speech. as for americans facing each other on public transportation, i've never noticed this. on both buses and trains, we always stare at the back of the seats in front of us. and we do not feel the need to talk to everyone we see. the british watch all the same tv shows as americans, and our entertainment industries are really quite connected. the type of people who work in foreign countries are usually a bit more educated than the common person, so i don't expect to see many dumb british in the states, we only get the cream of the crop here. though i did read once, that the average IQ in the UK is higher than in the states. that could be attributed to many things. a larger percentage of americans live in rural areas where high education is not available. the UK is dense, like california or new york, and thus the education available there is quite good, as it is in california and new york, but certainly not in a midwestern farm state. there are not any major negative differences between brits and yanks, i think we get along just fine, and we work well together. but there's certainly a percantage of both that would like to think otherwise.
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I don't know any British or American personally.Here in this Forum I found Nona and GrammarGeek equally fine.
But I have heard that British people are more formal than Americans,British people are concious and proud of their heritage ,culture etc.Americans are very much concerned about their work and busy for their own welfare.etc

I don't know these are all illicit genralizations or not
They may not be but to me, British people sound sophisticated.
american is new,british is old
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AnonymousThey may not be but to me, British people sound sophisticated.
Sounding and being are two different things. Actually, middle- and upper-class people in Britain probably are more sophisticated than their American counterparts on average; although, I don't think there's much difference amongst working-class people.
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