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Actually, over one third (38%, to be exact) of Americans own a passport. And it's most definitely not the lowest rate in the world, seeing as some countries don't have inhabitants who are wealthy enough to be flying out of country. Please don't criticize Americans just because one of us made a snide comment about your nation. As you should know, there are bad eggs in every bunch (not saying that you are one, matthewg) so please don't assume that all of us are alike.
Not trying to be rude, just defending my country's pride and people, as well as what I believe in.
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It is on TV here
Real Americans know what you just stated and they are just as worldly as their European counterparts. However, real Americans never say things like America doing everything in WWII. Those so-called Americans are the same ones who call the interior of the USA the "fly over States". Real Americans never say those things and they are not a small portion of the US population.
Yankee in New York (New Yawk?) chiming in...

I think that the majority of this comment is well informed.

I am very much aware of what the British did during the War of 1812. Revenge is a dish best served very, very cold.

Burned. It was burned.
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Well said.

JBYork in New York
Are you daft??!!?!!! Texas IS in the United States. So, if Texas IS in the United States, and they were in Texas, he was in the United States. Emotion: indifferent Duh.
Hi Anon;

The comment about Texas was made over 7 years ago....I don't think they have been around for more than 5 years.
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PLEASE do not judge Americans solely on Texas ! Much of the rest of the US finds Texas smug, boastful, loud, boorish, "truth owning" and distasteful. It is full of hypocritical evangelical Christians who do not practice what they preach and tend to think of prayer as some sort of cosmic cash machine.

the upper Midwest, Pacific Northwest and northeast would be (especially the midwest and northwest ) would be far more humble and less loud and materialistic.
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