i am going to hold a disscuss about the differences between the characteristic of british people and american people. what is your opinion?
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One the differences between British and American people is the concept of "personal space." British people stand far apart from each other when talking, and will rarely touch. On my travels, I found it unlikely that I would strike up a conversation with a British stanger, whereas an American would begin talking to me once I made eye contact. Also, on American trains and buses, the seats face each other, while on British public transport you will always find yourself staring at the back of someone's head. This is because the British favour silence over conversation, and consider it rude to have open (or "loud") conversation in public space.
I live in a small country village in the lake district its very pretty with mountains lakes farms etc and it is generally very quiet until a bus full of americans arrive and to be fair i must admit that they are extremely loud i think all that life in the cities has damaged their ears i dont think they realise how loud the shout to each other- But they spend a lot of money !!
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I would have to say that the biggest difference is that most Americans don't think the British get the Simpsons, while most Britons don't think Americans get the Simpsons. Yes, I'd say that sums it up nicely.
yesterday, i was with my British friend and we met 2 american girls in the train. They asked my friend if all the British guys were like Mr Bean, and my friend really found offended.
I agree with matthewg one the subject of the British having a higher respect for "personal-space" than Americans. Also, I think the British are generally quieter and not as talkative as their American counterparts.

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I don't think that there is much differences between British and Americans. They are both very beautiful places to be in. The people may have a different accent and a different sense of humour. Whats really important is the fact that America and Britain are very close allies and the people have got to stick together. I believe that Britain and USA are the two strongest countries in the world and are both a strong target for terrorism. Like 9/11 and now 7/7, UK and USA both helped eachother out. I beleive that the british and USA are like two best friends in a playground, but sometimes we do bully eachother, americans think british are uptight and that they are all like Mr. Bean. British think that the amercans accent is sickly and that the americans are too patriotic. Whatever the case, britain and america has got to stay close togerther, because they both stand strongest like that.

I found that Americans were very friendly when I stayed in Texas last year. However I noticed that they are not shy in discussing their personal wealth, asperations and achievement. They always asked me what everything costs in the UK compared to prices in Texas. In England we never discuss our incomes. In fact to ask someone's income is considered rude and to volunteer it to quickly is seen as boastful. I met many people on my travels and I must say that people I met that said they were on the minimum wage (bar staff, hotel staff, shop girls &c) were by far the friendliest and most inquisitive about the English and life in England. Whilst I found business types in airport hotels rather sniffy and aloof.and a little insecure I also noticed a certain undercurrent of distrust there of Europeans in general (maybe in light of Europe's reluctance to follow the coalition in Iraq) I also noticed an obsession with 9/11 and the price of Petrol (Gas) I also noticed that their cars and overall technology and fashions a little dated.One question they all asked me was '' Do you think the US is the best country you ever visited? Would you want to live here? and when I replied politely no on both counts they were stunned.Americans also did not seem to have a good grasp of world events and seemed rather perochial
Perhaps the Brits have less to say, simply due to the fact that there is less rolling around in their heads. As for the preference for staring at the back of a strangers head..... well what CAN we say. ME THINKS turning the Boston Harbor into a giant teacup was just to much to bear.
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