Hi There !!!
Am a new user ,it's My firts Day here !! I just found this website During my searching on the poem ( For whom The Bell Tolls) But I surpriced by this COOL Website !!! this website is exactly What I was looking for From so long Time!! and I Found lately ! , any way ,, I think it's so Useful website wanna CONGRATULATION you about it !

well People I think My English is Horrible,,so I will be Thankful if You could Help me to make some progress, and I think I've got lot of problems in grammer !

But There is some Thing in My mind ,That I want to make a TOEFL test in the next Summer but I can't do any thing with my HORRIBLE English ,, and I started From months ago to read books in English ,,and read on English grammers I collect some things on net so that making some progress !!!! But I still can't go on by this way I mean I Need to know what I need to have to be able to enter a TOFEL exam I need To know what TOEFL needs and I think I have the whole year infront of me before the next Summer ! I study in college but the study won't take any of my time ,, I have the whole Day ! So I just need to know what I need to do during this year to be able to get High Score in TOEFL TEST ,, SO PLEASE HELP ME OUT !!!!! I need Your Help

By The way ! Tell me Your Opinion about My English ( I already Know it's suck ,, But Please Tell me about My mistakes , I will be thankful)
Hi Sheena,

Welcome to English Forums. I don't know how much access you have to learning materials in Kurdistan these days, but many guides to taking TOEFL have been published, so that's what you should find first.

For my own students, I recommend first and foremost that they take practice TOEFL tests at home, as many as they can find. The older paper tests are fine, as they contain the same types of questions as the computer tests. Because as much of the skill of passing TOEFL is in TOEFL test-taking as in knowing English, it is important to get used to the types of questions and answers Princeton uses.

As for your written English, a bit of care and proofreading before you post will correct most of your mistakes. If you speak as well as you write, you should do reasonably well on the TOEFL . Good luck.
hi sheena!
you should always have a positive attitude.don't discourage yourself,focus on your goal !i am sure you'll clear the exam.