Hi all!

I need help with the following sentences......

1. I live vicariously through sportsmen
Q. What does vicariously means here & what this whole sentence means?

2. The word "whitening" does suggest a snow white pallor
Q. What does pallor means here??

Thanks alot everyone!
a vicarious experience is one you dont have directly, but you enjoy it 2nd hand -
ie watching the things that someone else does.

The whole sentence means something like: "I dont have a life of my own, just watching sportsmen achieve satisfies me" which is the sort of thing that people dont very often say about themsleves. It is the sort of thing that a critic would say in judgement of some one else, usually.

pallor there will mean pale skin colour, to suggest fear or illness, it is not usually used of a healthy individual.
can i say that it means 'i'm not a sportsman myself but i enjoy watching sports'??