Could you help me, please, to find the word(s) for objects like these?

They don’t necessarily function as headstones - they can be erected as memorials for historical events, too, for example. Thank you.

Thank you, Avangi, I see the similarity, too. However, those are said to be related to indigenous people of North America, as opposed to these, which developed from the burial customs of wandering huns and other groups. They went from Asia to Europe.

Also, these things (almost?) never contain portrayals of animals, and they developed basically from spears sticked in the ground where a dead person was buried.

I'm lost what I could call them... Emotion: crying

Please, if you or anyone have some idea, let me know! Thanks.
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Thank you Avangi, forget it! The term will do! Thanks again! [Y]
I didn't read the Wiki article. It might give you a clue.
I'd say "monuments" unless some research into the anthropological studies of the area revealed another, more specific name for them.


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It did, Avangi Emotion: smile

Thank you to you, too, CalifJim.