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Great photos, I think I lost one of the pages, I couldn't open one of the links.
Great Chilean BBq too.

I don't know much about chile at all. I live in Australia. I am doing a school project on Chile and I am having trouble finding information on the clothes worn in Chile (everyday clothing and traditoinal) and information on the sort of housing is in chile.
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Hi Nathan,

Chilean CLOTHES:

Clothes are fairly normal in comparison to Australia and New Zealand. You will find that in general, especially in Santiago, they tend to try and dress more elegantly when they are on the streets to appear nice.
You get the young students wearing the typical jeans and t-shirt after school though they all have to wear a uniform which includes a tie! The university students have their casual wear also.
Business attire tends to be more formal, with most people wearing a suit or at least a tie. It is not as casual as in Oz/NZ as in even the local shop opens sometimes wear a tie. (I personally don't like them but that's me). I think it comes from always having to wear one at school.
I think on one of my pages about chile (www.woodward.cl/chile.htm) it talks more about the traditional clothes of the Huasos (the local cowboys). You will probably find some photos of normal Chileans with what they normally wear if that helps. (Ignore the costume party photos, those aren't normalEmotion: smile )

Note: the woman usually make a lot more effort to look great than they do back home (NZ). Even if it's to the shop, it's not often that they will go out in trackpants or anything too 'casual'. Chilean women also tend to use a lot more make-up (sometimes too much in my opinion).
Your site has improved a lot since the last time I visited. I particularly like the pictures. The nature there is so fascinating! However, I couldn't see the clothes you were mentioning in your previous post.
Thanks Maj.
There are no photos specifically about clothes, you can see what 'typical' Chileans wear by looking at the photos of them.
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Hi woodward,

Thanks for your reply to my question the information is very helpful. It is a little different in Australia where I live on the coast it gets hot and we can wear sandles to school as long as they strap up and we would never have to wear a tie. The girls casual cloths at the moment is short skirts, short shorts and short tops. The shorter they are the more they want to wear them. I am finding my project on Chile interesting it is a beautiful country. Not what I expected. If possible can you let me know what a typical house is like in chile and if there is a big difference between the houses of families of different wealth. Thanks for your help I will look on your web site. Nathan.
Hey there!
I'm Ed, I'm 17 yo and I live in Viña del Mar, Chile.
If you want to know something about Chile, go ahead and ask me, and I'll try to answer you as good as I can.Emotion: smile
Need to know if theres any photos.
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You might want to have a look at the following page:


There is a section with links to our pages with photos of Chile.
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