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Hi Woodward!
Well I'm argentine and I've been several times in Chile. My overall impression about chileans is that they are more serious and organized than us. And I believe they are also very patriotic.
During my vacations I visited several cities of the south of Chile: Pucón, Villarrica, Valdivia, Osorno, Castro, Puerto Montt, Coyhaique and Punta Arenas. I must say I was strongly impressed by the historical background of Valdivia, and I enjoyed a lot the day I spent in Isla Corral. There was a recreation going on there, I don't know exactly what it represented but there was people dressed as Spanish soldiers (I hope I'm not wrong) and they even fired the cannons of the fort. While I was in Valdivia I heard a lot about the earthquake. It's unbelievable a place could change so much after an earthquake. I'm speechless about that.
I think Pucón is a very interesting and modern town (or city, I'm not sure). I did rafting in the Trancura River. It was great. I had 12 years old but I remember it very well. I even have a picture of it.
I just remembered I also visited Frutillar. I believe the lake is enormous, maybe one of the biggest lakes in the world. I had the strange feeling I was in Mar del Plata, my city, which is in the Atlantic coast!
Most people treated us very well and kindly. I remember that we had run out of chilean cash and needed urgently to change some argentine money. Since we forgot to change our watches when we arrived to Chile, we arrived to the bank one hour late, but the manager opened the back door of the bank to us and changed our money. Most people don't believe me today when I tell that.

I must say I'm often saddened when I hear fellow argentines saying stupidities about Chile. I'm aware something similar happens on Chile. I know Argentina and Chile are not best friends, probably because of several things that happened in the past, but I must say I would really like the relation between both countries to improve. The only place where we felt we were not welcomed was in Punta Arenas, where most people seemed to dislike us, probably because we couldn't disguise our accent and they realized where we were from. I think I understand why they felt that way, but our past problems weren't my fault (and probably it weren't their fault neither). I think its vital for both of us to preserve our democracies.
I can't say I don't feel pain when I think about our past diplomatical conflict... it's something similar to what I feel when I remember the Malvinas war, however I think we should make an effort to get over that pain and start caring for each other.

I can't figure out how to post, so I am replying (hope this is ok:)

Anyway, I just recently started dating a chilean man. He is a charming, warm and sweet man. I'm growing very close to him. I am trying to learn as much as I can about his country and find while learning, that I am completely fascinated. It's an incredible country.

I do have a question regarding Chilean men though. What is the overall attitude towards dating American, (gringo) blonde women? The reason I ask, Is that when I do go to visit with him to Chile, I am curious as to how I will be recieved. His family knows a lot about me and have seen photos of me. They seem to be very accepting of me and I hope that I will feel that there.

I lived in Mexico and was recieved well, but I know the overall view of American women, is not the greatest.

Also, this is a personal question and I hope that he never sees this thread lol Emotion: wink

He is so educated (in his manor) and serious (but can be extremely fun and humorous), but I heard there is much "machismo" in Chile. I don't have too much problem with that and he is a bit protective already (which I like), but, but heres my question, what are Chilean men like?

I understand this is a broad question, but in general.

Thank you in advance:)

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I was wondering when the best time to visit Chile was? I am going on a honeymoon there. Please help me .

Almost Newlywed
From December to the end of February there is virtually no rain other than in the deep south. Though in February most of Chile goes on vacation so all of the hotels and places to visit are packed with people.

I suppose it depends on what part of Chile you intend on visiting. It's a REALLY long country with all types of climates from the driest desert in the world to glaciers and penguins.

Where did you intend on visiting?
Hi, ( from jil)

I dont know a whole lot about chile, i am doing a project on chile . It is called "country in a box" However i do know that chileans enjoy Chilean Rodeo. And, Chileans also listen to the same types of musi as alot of countrys do...ex: rock n' roll,punk rock,jazz,hip hop/rap,and tap! And the # 1 hit in Chile is named "La Nueva Cancion Chilean" wonder how that goes! lol

- jil (North Dartmouth)
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Hi Woodward!
I don't know much about Chile, but I know that the country is quite long...lol
by the way, what's the official language in your country?
did anyone respond? I am curious as well
The official language is Spanish: if you want to know more about Chile click [url=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chile ]here[/url]
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I am also doing a school project on Chile, and i can't seem to find anything for what they wear. Does anyone have suggestions? The project is due tomorrow and I've been looking all day. Emotion: sad

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