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Emotion: smileI am from SpainEmotion: smile and I was in Chile!!!!!!!!!!! two times!!!!!!! I almost die in front of Osorno vulcano more perfect that Fujiyama in my opinion and I absolutely died in the small isolated island being told the history by tourist guides who carried the same eyes as the Moais!!!!!!!
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Elena.Emotion: smile
hola! hola! How did you come across this site? Where in Spain are you from?
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Emotion: smileHola! I am from Madrid and I am in MadridEmotion: smile
I came across this site looking for new territories to practice English.
You have come to the best English site ever! Todo el mundo esta un poco loco, but it's a lot of fun. Are you going on holiday somewhere? I bet Madrid is really hot! I miss the churros.
I wasn't going on holidays because I just went and I've come back home recently, Norway was the place
Yes, Madrid is unbearable today, our August is like a punishment.
Interesting, you miss the churros, how funny, and what more do you miss of Spani or Madrid?
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Spain is great! My favourite city is Sevilla......ah...wonderful memories from the South of Spain. Have you ever been to Chile? I ask because hardly anyone knows anything about it.
It's the same for my country....nobody knows hardly anything about New Zealand in this part of the world (South America).
I miss "tortilla de patatas", ZARA, being able to go out at night with some of my friends, going to bed at 4 o'clock in the morning, going to the beach early in the morning, the sea breeze but ,in general, I would say everything is ok here. Moreover, I am going to London in a week and I have got some friends there. Yes, I teach English. What about you? What do you do?
Yes, I was in Chile twice, I sent a post some minutes before about this.
New Zealand........I just know about the scenery and that it is in my antipodes, only that makes it to be an exciting place to go. I'll search in Encarta. How's life in Chile? Are you in Santiago or? Elena.
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