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You are not that far away. Do you travel on your own?. Tell me sth about the condition of women in your country. I am really interested in that.
Chile.......hmm how about Claudio Arrau, Woodward? Is (was) he famous there?
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Of course.....he was one of the most famous pianists from last century. Someone that Chile can be proud of. I take it you are a very musical person. I'm sure it was you that mentioned something in another post about Pieter's poem related to music. Do you play an instrument at all?
Yeah, he was one of the world's greatest pianists and also one of my favourites. I love music, especially classical music. I play the piano, Woodward. How about you? Do you like classical music?!
Let's know our favourites composers, I bet you all put Bach in first place. I do.
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My grandmother teaches piano and she tried to teach me when I was younger but I had to move to another city. I like most music from classical to Rock. I play (or should I say I try to play) the guitar.
Actually my favourite composer is Tchaikovsky......nothing like the 1812 overture or Romeo and Juliet. Curious enough, my interest for classical music started because of one of my English Teachers in NZ. He used to play it while we wrote essays or stories.
Hi Elena! Glad to know that we all share an interest in classical music. I do like Bach, and Tchaikovsky too. In fact, I like all composers from the Romantic period like Beethoven (well, Classical-Romantic), Liszt, Brahms, Mendelssohn; but I would say that my favourite composers are Rachmaninoff and Chopin. I love Rachmaninoff's Prelude in C-sharp Minor. Any particular composition you like from Bach, Elena?
W, when you say your teacher played it, you mean played the CD right? or played it on the piano??! (what a teacher!Emotion: wink ). So what kinds of music do you play on the guitar? classical? rock? and do you have a tutor, W?
Oh, Romeo and Juliet?! He must have played it on the CD, then. He'd need the full orchestra to perform it liveEmotion: smile
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Our teacher used to play it on a tape deck.
I TRY to play. I play a bit of everything, classical and rock. I like to create, invent just letting it flow in the moment. I did have Flamenco lessons for a while to give it a try. Other than that it's all self taught. I prefer to create my own music rather than copy others (i.e. bands).
I love Bach's Air on the G-string. Nowadays, that title can lead to many interpretations.Emotion: smile
I love rock music too from Queen to Deep Purple. New Age is another favourite, Celtic music....the list goes on and on......
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