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Orph,I like most of the composers you mentioned, especially Tchaik and Chopin. I hate Wagner. I like some Flamenco, too and rock music and pop music... Unfortunately I can't play any instruments even though I tried.
Ww. Do you write your own songs?
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I love to create my own music. I have two cassettes of my music though not for commercial sale. And don't expect me to sing......that would scare everyone away!!!!Emotion: wink
Purely instrumental.
What about lyrics? Do you write any?
No....why bother when I use the music to express what I want to say.
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fair enough!
So what else do you know about Chile?
What else do we know?
I know that Frutillar is a paradise, that there is an important ethnic group in Chile, the mapuche, they are still figthing for their rights, they were called 'indians' or 'araucans' but they dislike this, they right name is 'mapuche' .

I know what everybody knows, that a terribly thing happened in 1970s (I don't know the exact year) , there was a democratic goverment but the Army took the Govt. buiding, it burnt into flames and the democratic president died inside it.

Andes, that is very important too, the Aconcagua is in Chile.

And I like a lot the chilean accent, they speak Spanish softer than us (Spaniards)

Ah!! and what do you say about Easter Island?? the population is polinesian but those polinesian speak Spanish too, appart from their own language. That island is islolated in Pacific ocean, it is so small, just a city, Hanga Roa, just an airport, just a bank, just an post office, just an internet point, animals (horses and sheeps) are free in it, there is no walls, there are misterious sculptures, spartkling beaches, the tattoos people look on their skin are terrific, so so beautiful, just lines, well, I want to go backkkkkkk!!!!!!
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Impressive Elena (it helps having visited)

Frutillar, I love Frutillar. It's a small place by a beautiful lake with a volcano in the distance. The best Kuchen (a sweet German cake typical of the area) can be found in Frutillar.

The Mapuches ARE still fighting for acknowledgement. Their culture is very interesting but unfortunately not many Chileans pay much attention to it. In fact in many circles it is looked down upon (grrrrrrrr!!!! I hate classism and rascism!)

A terrible thing happened on September 11th 1973 (that day doesn't seem to bring much luck). But it depends on your point of view. Chile is divided (not just politically) between those that thing it was the worst thing that ever happened, and those that think that Pinochet actually saved the country from ruin. At the time the economy was in an incredible bad state. There were constant strikes, people had to queue hours just to have their ration of bread for the week, inflation was high, not that you could buy anything in a shop anyway. Politics seems to be a common, often conflictive topic in general conversation. People tend to be either totally for or totally against the military coup and the following dictatorship. There had not many that are in the middle or don't care. I guarantee that when someone from Chile reads this, they will put in their five cents worth. As for the president at the time, Allende, there is also debate over whether he was killed or commited suicide. His final speech to the Chilean nation was very interesting.

The Andes are an important part of Chile. It effectively isolates Chile from the rest of South America though Mt Aconcagua, the highest mountain, is on the Argentinian side.

Easter Island (Rapa Nui) is very beautiful. I was only there on a stopover so I couldn't really look around. ONE DAY..........
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