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Yes Elena, rupiah is the national currency of Indonesia, and I think, apart from Indonesia, no other countries in the world uses rupiah. India uses rupee, not rupiah. They are different.
I almost made the mistake of thinking it was the same currency as India.
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Santiago has 5 million people in it. It's not too crowded and the city is spread out so it's not too noticeable (not like Jakarta Orpheus). There are 15 million people in Chile.
Hi Guys.. R U okay?!

Rupiahs 4 inian .. iam sure about thatEmotion: smile

u ask me before maj about traveling to Spain..

I love Spain ofcourse but i can't travel there cuz iam still astudent..

i can't travel lonly, cuz i don't work, just my father working and Pay 4 me every thing I want..(That condition 4 all arab) Emotion: wink

So i cant travel expt after finishing studing & have my own money, Or if the family want 2 travel 2 Spain..

in this time i can't go there..

nowadays... there's no hope in traveling..
Maybe One day the God help me 2 do..
Bye 4 NowEmotion: smile
How is Mapocho river lately? Last time I was in Santiago there was no water in it due to some jobs in tube.
And how was the Emotion: storm?
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For those that don't know, the Mapocho River is the main river that flows through Santiago.
They are completely changing the Mapocho river. They are building a new freeway/motorway beside it but underground at the sametime, mostly out of sight. Above the motorway, they will be building tree-lined parks with walkways. Also there are finally plans to clean up the water with new water treatment plants or something like that.
The water crisis is well over. That was because there was a drought. It hadn't rained in several months so there was electricity rationing and all. Actually, it happens to be raining today. It normally rains around the national day.
Despite the weather that may be gloomy for some (not for me), I think many Chileans are happy today since the Chilean Soccer team just drew with Argentina 2-2 for a world cup qualifying match played there in Buenos Aires. And to think that Chile was losing 2-0 at half time. A great excuse to celebrate.
[Emotion: party]
New Zealand and Chile, Santiago and your city (?) in N. Z.
A lot of differences? some similarities?
The sky, the weather, the scenery.
The streets, books shops.
I'd like to hear about those differences if you or others who moved to another country like to tell.
Emotion: travel
Woodward, from one stranger in a strange land to another, do you have the opportunity to speak in person with other native English speakers often? Being in Japan, that is a problem for me, I guess that is why I like this site so much. If you don't get the opp., do you miss it?
Also I am intreagued as to your daily routine. Daily travel to and from work, shopping, cooking, accommodation, neighbors, students, lesson preparation etc. etc.
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I am interested in your rutine, too. Mike. It must be so different to live in a country like Japan. What do you miss most? What about the people? Japanese people are said to be extremely serious.
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