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Elena: the difference between NZ and Chile? Geographically there are a lot of similarities. We both have beautiful scenery of mountains and lush native forests. Both countries have geysers, boiling mud, volcanic activity, and earthquakes. The strongest recorded earthquake happened in Chile. About three weeks ago I read that there was a really big one in NZ too about 7 on the richter scale. The national flower is actually the same thing but with a different name. In NZ it's called KOWHAI and in Chile it's COPIHUE. Maybe some botanist will come along and correct me with some scientific name but they are the same flower.
The weather is sort of similar in the central region of Chile. It rains a lot in the south of Chile and is incredibly dry in the north (pure desert).
One of the most difficult things for me to live with is that the prices of books in Chile are very expensive. In NZ they are fairly cheap, well now I think so.
The women in Chile are attractive. They have this natural look about them that sends shivers down your spine. I'm not saying that women in NZ are ugly, it's that most people find the opposite sex of another country more attractive. Maybe because they are different and it is a novelty thing. Foreign girls would probably find the Chilean men more romantic though you have to watch out because in general they are very chauvenist.
Mike: I just wrote a ton about answering question and it didn't post at all and I lost all that I had written. Nooooo. I will give it another go soon.
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Copihue and a lot of coincidences NZ and Chile, aha, interesting.
I was twice there, few days each time and I didn't realise women were so beautiful, how do they look like? Like Cecilia Bolocco?

Today Chile is on media, the voice of Allende, the discussions people have about if he committed suicide or he didn't, all what you said in this thread some days ago.

What I noticed is the Chilean accentEmotion: smile It's so special, sentences ending towars above ( how could I say that in better English?). Chilean seemed tranquil people, are they?
Well, I am talking just about a part of them, those who have European descent. I don't know the character of Mapuche people.
Thanks Woodward. Sorry to hear about your text accident!! Oh, and I do agree with your comments about being attracted to members of the opp. sex who are of a different racial extraction. Maybe it's a survival instinct that helps preserve diversity.
It's a long weekend here in the land of the rising sun, so see you in a couple of days. I plan to use the time to do beerological research! Emotion: smile
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We have finished celebrating the Chilean Independence day (Sept 18). The 19th is also a holiday called Army day. This year they were on Thursday and Friday. Then with the weekend thrown in too and the fact that most businesses have a half day on the 17th. That has been 4 and a half days of celebrating. (I was going to say liver abuse but I sort of behaved myself this year).
MIKE SAID: Also I am intreagued as to your daily routine. Daily travel to and from work, shopping, cooking, accommodation, neighbors, students, lesson preparation etc. etc.

I haven't forgotten about this question. Stay tuned ...
Thanks Woodward.
I understand that may be a while in the coming. I'm trying to devote a little thought to what I would write if someone were to ask me the same question.
P.S. Good luck with the footy!!
I've just been reading on bbcworld about something is happening in Chile and sure in many other places in the world, the desaparition of indigenous ethnic groups and languages, exactly in Chile four groups: (quote) 'the Aonikenk and the Selk'am had disappeared and another two are close to extinction. One group, the Kawesqar, has just twenty people left and the other, the Yagans, seventy' The article is from 29 October 2003.

I imagine Chilean people is aware of this and worried, or maybe it is not an important matter for the majority. But it is a richness in a country to have different people, cultures and languages. It seems some new programmes will be implemented to try to save all of this.

What do you know about it, Woodward and Chileans in the forum? Is this broadly covered by news there, or maybe not...?
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This is the first time I have heard it they I suspected it. Unfortunately Chilean people don't take much pride in the native people that were here before the Spanisards arrived. In fact it is quite the opposite, they try to disassociate themselves from them. I'd be surprised if anyone knew about what you wrote. Hopefully some Chilean out there can prove me wrong.


I have just asked some locals out of curiousity and nobody had the faintest idea. Most didn't even know they existed. Interesting.
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