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Reading last post of Woodward on Chile thread I felt like sending this photo of volcano Osorno, southern Chile. I think its shape is perfect. I don't know why the photo is blur, it looks better on the paper, not totally clear but better. I took it during the morning, it is not usual to see this volcano free of clouds, we were lucky.

(missing image)
Woodward, I don't know San Antonio.
How was the camping on the Andes?
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This picture is so pretty!
Elena - The camping trip was fantastic. Very tiring but a lot fun. There were 20 of us in the end and we found a hidden place next to a river with the mountains all around us. Lots of food (3 BBQ's in 2 days) and lots to drink (best not to mention how much there was). The stars were INCREDIBLE. Being out of the city lights and so high up in the mountains, the view was purely amazing. Most of us spent at least some time on their back looking up at them and counting the shooting stars. Pure Beauty. It was really hot both of the days though we were next to a river with icy-cold crystaline waters where we could cool off. It didn't stop some of us getting sunburnt though...OUCH! The mixture of nationalities also made the trip interesting.

I spent most of today cutting and resizing the photos for our website but they won't be ready until the end of the week I think.
I forgot to say that I really like your photo Elena. It IS almost perfect.
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Yeah, nice pic Elena.
Woody, can't wait to see the pics!!!
Thank you Woodward and Mike (or Mic? he he, pronuntation thread) and to maj and to pieter who left a comment too about the photo on another thread , yes, nice photo, I have to admit, and it's calming to see it.

That day my husband and I did nothing except to look at it, it was summer, January, but at that part of the globe the weather was not hot at all, some brave people were having a bath on the lake but we tried and the water was so cold, augh, that we gave up and the whole day looking at it, behind it's Argentina, some mounts of the Argentine part could be seen too.

Woodward, that trip on Andes looking at the stars sounds too perfect, lucky of you all. Sometimes sky surprises us, last Monday I saw here lots of blue clouds, really blue, when clouds use to be white, grey, even almost black, I am still impressed, I didn't take an unique photo, I can't forgive myself, my camera had the battery dead , awwwww how silly lazy Elena, I had never seen those clouds and they have been kept just in some of my neurons, what a pity.

When you have the photos, let us know.
Elena it must have been a wonderful experience, I love gazing at the stars, it sound so romantic, so deeply in touch with nature, I'd have loved to swim in that lake, so calming. I can imagine the effects of the water on your body, soothing it. Gosh, Elena, you don't sound Spanish: How could you do nothing if the conditions were so favourable? Please do publish your photos if you can, my neurons need some adventure, too.
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I have finally finished two new pages after our student trip to the Cajón del Maipo last weekend.

One page has photos and general information about the Cajón del Maipo region.

The other page has more photos and a little story about the students and some of the things that happened on our trip (the censored version!).

I hope you enjoy them.
I still have to create the page about our trip to San Antonio. That will be coming up later...
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