Hi Muslimah,
What do you know about Chile?
(This is an open question for anyone)
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not much. Maybe Woody could tell us sth about it? In English, please!
I'll wait a while first out of curiosity of discovering other people's points of views, preconceptions or knowledge.
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I sent you the lesson I promised, Woodward, by E mail, but it cannot be delivered to your E mail adress. Can you tell me why?
Don't worry, I received it. I will write to you soon about it in the TEFL section.
Hi woodEmotion: smile

what is ur real name ?!

i think it's acountry in south america ...

i think .. mean .. IAM NOT SURE Emotion: big smile

i hope u tell me more 2 know ,,

thx Woody Emotion: wink

i wrote my E-mail in this forum but , unfortenality no body added me on his/her messenger Emotion: sad

thx again friendsEmotion: smile
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My real name is Rob Woodward....Woodward being my surname.

So far so good. It is a long thin country in South America.

I almost never use messenger......though sometimes I am on the chat here in this forum.

Chile.....Emotion: smile))))) Chile is contrast, deserts and glaciers, lakes, vulcanoes, snow and beaches, history, even Polynesia is Chile with its Easter Island. Elena.
Very good Elena....something tells me (maybe your name) that you might know Spanish or even be from ChileEmotion: smile ......Where are you from?
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