There are many students here that are learning English but what exactly do you know about England?
Have you visited? What were your first impressions? Was it different from what you expected?
If you haven't visited, What do you imagine it to be like or what have you heard other people say about it?
Basically, What have you learnt, read or heard about England? Give us all the details...
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Hi questionsmaker:) happy to follow your threads.
What I love of England is that you can see in its streets every culture of the world, every culture and their symbols, the sikh turban, the scottish skirt, the niqab (a type of islamic dress code that covers all body except eyes, but it is not the burqa), the punjabi salwar qameez, the indian sarees, even I think you can find the Count Forum specimen walking and enjoying the cold weather.
HelloEmotion: wink

I've been to England once so far but I'm going there for the second time in March..yay!Emotion: smile
What I DO love in England is it's language.. I've been learning it for 4 years now and I'm discovering it all the timeEmotion: smile I agree with Elena, it's great to see such variety of people dressed in their own way. When I came to England it was new for me that English men are a bit cool when it comes to meeting people. London wasn't that clear as I imagined lol but in the parks I couldn't see any trash left on the groundEmotion: wink that was nice.
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I guess that you are a girl. Why do you think the English men are cool? It sounds interesting!
Maj - why cool.. hm that's a bit tough question to explain. I mean people from England are more reserved than Americans. They're not so laud, I could hardly see people greeting each other on the street by giving a hug or kiss. Maybe I'm wrong but I think they have some more distance

I think you are right, they are fairly reserved but if you have an English friend, you have a friend forever!
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This is what some people do in churches in England!,,30000-12984324,00.html
My history of England starts at Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes stories and finishes with the Beatles.

It's foggy, full of haughty gentlemen with smoke-pipes and pale ladies with umbrellas, horses clopping on the narrow and dirty streets, fumes of world's 1-st industry accumulating on tiled rooftops. A sly beggar picks pockets of the passing people. Round the corner a red-haired young fellow is staring at a picture of shaggy band on a vinyl disc on sale. He is an Oxford student in love with a girl with milk-white skin and jet-black hair who works in their library, the guy plays hockey. The girl is a poor swaggering intellectual with that Brittish manner of exhaling after consonants which gives you fever (for you think she is looking down upon you). The father of the boy, a 50-years-old lawyer, lives in a huge house with his chaste wife, they have a maid and a cook, and they ceremoniously dine in suits. The girl's father, a 60-years old lonely man, runs some bakery, he is wrinkled and thin, and he listens jazz every evening.
wow! Bubr! beautiful narration! but what i like in England is the country side, the castles, the architechture!
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