Hello everyone, whatever your country, age and job.
I’m a girl from Siberia and I always ask myself some questions when I meet foreigners such as what u know about my country, what you suppose an average Russian person is and so on. Probably you have some stereotypes probably I do have them. Anyway, answer my questions please : what do u imagine the Russian way of life, Russian weather and Siberia are.
Thank you beforehand.
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I'm sorry to say that my first two thoughts are 'snow' and 'vodka'.

I do know there is a lot more to Russian and Siberia than that, but those are the two immediate stereotypes.
My first thoughts are that, probably, foreigners' first thoughts are "vodka" and "coldness". Emotion: stick out tongueEmotion: big smile

By the way, why don't you register, girl? Emotion: smile
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Hi Anon

I don't have to imagine what winters are like in Siberia! I know what they are like. The first thing that comes to my mind is the vastness of Siberia, or of Russia. It makes one think how small the European countries are, and even the United States.

The second thing is the immense untapped natural resources. Most of these will probably not be tapped in the near future as mankind is slowly committing suicide by polluting the environment. But the time for Siberia will come, even though it may take some time, like 100 years or so. I don't think mankind will succeed in committing suicide despite its strenuous efforts.

After catastrophic floods and climatic changes there will be a new beginning for man, because there will still be oxygen in the air. Who knows, the new man may even be wise enough to live in harmony with nature. If not, it will spell the end of man, which really isn't a big deal since nature doesn't need man even if man needs nature. Nature is better off without man. And the sun will burn out in five billion years anyway...Emotion: smile
I was born & have always lived in Malta if you ever heard about my small country.
I think I know that over there you have extremely cold temperatures no Summers bleak weather. Once I watched a film Fiddler on the roof & it depicted Cossacks & Jews & love stories. Please teach me if I' m wrong.' Regards
Alfred Agius...if you ever heard about my small country.
Is Malta a small island in the Mediterranean Sea to the south of Italy? The capital is Valletta, isn't it?.. Never heard of this country. Emotion: stick out tongueEmotion: big smile

Cool Breeze, have a look Does Nature need the human?, please. Emotion: smile
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Anonymouswhat do u imagine the Russian way of life, Russian weather and Siberia are.
What Russia conjures up in my mind (in no particular order):

1. Lots and lots of snow on a vast land masss.

2. Lenin, Stalin, Krushchev & Gorbachev.

3. Sputnik

4. Yuri Gagarin

5. The way the Russian army made its way to Berlin, defeating Hitler's forces along the way.

6. Maria Sharapova (not Anna Kournikova)

7. Rasputin

8. Ivan the terrible.
Nona, thank u for sincerity. Tell me please if people in your country suspect to see bears in the streets of Russia(I hope it doesn’t sound too foolish).
Hello Alfred,
Thank u for being sincere.I know your country, how couldn’t I, different tourist companies are always offering various tours to Malta. Your country must be very beautiful, I guess. We have summers, sometimes temperatures are as high as 40 degrees above zero(Summers last for about 2 mounths). Winters last long; they are snowy and cold- 6 months approximately. I am happy to hear that u watched a Russian film  Was the film in Russian with subtitles or in English?By the way, what languages more do you speak?
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