I wonder what people know about my home-country?
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Forest, coloured houses, lakes, fiords and more forest, more coloured small made on wood houses and more water and mysterious sky and light because the nights in summer have a nice light. And oil! Norway has oil . Snow, lots of snow.
That is impressing!
Have you been here?

There is not lots of snow everywhere, though, but there is a bit up north already, I have heard.
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Yes, I was recently. I still have the houses in my eyes, yellow, red, white, green, placed on that immense dark green forest that ends is a mirror of water. And the absence of the night, what a new sensation. The absence of fences too.
The novelty of not being asked for identity card either entering the country or leaving it.
The language, stressing some words twice, some new letters like that 'o' crossed by a diagonal line.
Beautiful Norge.
(Norge = Norway)
That was a beautiful description of Norway...
The absence of nights during the summer turns into an absolute presence of night when the winter comes though.
May I ask where in Norway (Norge) you were?

Here are the letters you were talking about: æ, ø and å.
Sure. I was in Oslo, Bergen, Alesund, Trondheim, and Sognefjord and Geiranger fiord.
Thanks for the lettersEmotion: smile
Tell us more about your country, ok?
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I will, tomorrow, it's a bit late now...

Which of the cities/places did you like the best, by the way?
One of the first countries I wanted to visit was Norway. I was determined to cycle around/through it. What do I know about it? Not much. It's freezing in Winter. The vikings came from that way. You have incredible fjords. The long days and nights at different times of the year. That's all that comes off the top of my head at the moment.
Pink Salmon!!
I've noticed nobody mentioned anything about Salmon. I think Norway is famous for its salmon, isn't it?
Tell us more about Norway, Anders. I'm sure you still have a lot to tell about this beautiful country.
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