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You mean Gypsies were born there or they live there? Because both are completely untrue.
I know very little about your country.

About the only thing that really sticks in my mind is that your country has disappeared two or three times (it was divided up among

its neighbors) and allowed to return as an independent nation. Of course, I shall not name any countries, but Poland is next to very

big and powerful nations that have treated Poland very unkindly throughout history.

It is wonderful that Europe has not had a general war since 1945. I hope that the younger generation realizes how lucky it is.

Oh, yes, one more thing. When our President Carter visited your country in the 1970's, he had an interpreter who did not know

modern Polish very well. When the president said some words (in English), his interpreter used some Polish words that meant

something like: "I want to have romantic relationships with the Polish people."
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22000 And they were not just regular polish people, they were polish army officers, engineers, doctors, scientists etc.
Stalin never wanted polish nation to be reborn as strong as it was before the WWII
AnonymousIt is wonderful that Europe has not had a general war since 1945.
Just don't mention the Balkan wars!