What do you know about Vietnam?
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They make good fish soup there. Emotion: smile
Unfortunately very little. What can you tell us about it Sharona? Are you from there?
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I was told about healthy food and slim bodies there. And green, green country.
Oh, have you ever tried Vietnamese food?

According to many visitors to Hanoi (the capital), the cuisine here is very pleasant and particular. If you try it one time then you will never forget.

Pho: A popular dish in Hanoi. Banh pho (rice noodle) and beef or chicken are put in a large bowl with onion and poured with hot consommé.

Bun cha;; Pork hashed or cut into small pieces, grilled over charcoals, goes along with noodles, vinegar fish sauce, garlic, chili and salad, became a wonderful dish. Going to Hanoi, visitors remember this dish.

Cha ca: It is made of Lang fish and eaten with rice noodle dipped into fish sauce with lemon juice. The dish is so popular that its name has become the name of street.
Hi Sharona,

Yes, I love Vietnamese and also Korean foods.

I have heard some people call Vietnamese dishes
the French quality cuisine of Asia.

I think that properly prepared Thai, Japanese,
Indonesian and Chinese dishes are also excellent,
but Vietnamese cuisine is special.

You are lucky to be able to eat such wonderful foods as your everyday meals.
Here in the USA it is only a special treat for me at a restaurant.

Maybe one day I will learn how to cook some of the Vietnamese dishes.

Lemon grass, garlic and chiles = YUM!!

You probably think that I am a huge, fat pig because I am talking about food so much,
but I think I like to talk about food because I do not eat much, so I am always a bit hungry.

hihi Emotion: smile
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Whenever you feel like it you can invite me to one of your absolutely delicious Vietnamese dishes! Lol.
Aha, nice.
Hi Sharona and everybody,

I, anita, am from VietNam. Fortunately, I have just found out this forum and rush to keep updated what's going on activities so far.

What an interesting forum! and especially Sharona's topic" what do you know about VietNam". On behalf of all Vietnamees I love to thanks to Sharona for posting this topic through which more people deeplly understood about my country. Also, I thanks to this forum, because of through this, I am able to discuss with you guys not only my country's culture but also thoes of other countries in the world. And this is a good chance for me to improve my writing English. So, I need your help.

Love to answer all your questions about my country.

Once again, thanks to Sharona and everybody.

Happy New Year all of you.

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