Is it or is it not better for kids to be raised in luxury ? I think that this is something negative because when this happens , then , believe me , such kids would get lazy , indeed . Here in the Kingdom you can see four servants walking with a sinlge kid and each one would be carrying a cell phone and there'd be a private driver and a fancy car even . It's true that such blessings are fascinating and comfy yet the concequences are usually bad . I think that these fortunate kids would be lazy adults ( I've some across many of them ) because for God's sake , give me one enough reason that can motivate them to work if they've got everything . Of course , this is something Universal because everywhere you can find wealthy folks , can't you ? I also have a bit of weird thought that reads as follows : It's sometimes necessary to say , NAY , to a kid because later when he becomes a blooming youth and when he finds himself all alone , just imagine , he would be able to provide for himself . Guys , I'd always object when mom would pour money on my brothers ! She thinks that if she wouldn't provide them with whatever they ask for , she won't sleep that night . You know mothers , they've got the most delicate hearts ever . Big hug to mum . Now , if you may , tell me what you think and I'd be looking forward to reading your replies . God knows , mom might change her mind after all !Emotion: smile
I agree with you!!! Of course, there are always exceptions, but mostly rich kids are too lazy to work!!!
They are sinking now, not only in UK but also in China.People allowed to have one child here by government. We call them small emperors .DINK family(double incomes no kids) also a big social issue in today's time
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i think it's just because of parental faults. they have pampered their children and spoiled them as well.
I agree with Steven on that one. The first persons to blame it on, are certainly parents.
There is a story about this issue, that is "Parents hectored me". It concluded that the child became failed in his life because of parents loved in wrong ways.
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