You know Israel has a big war now.

What do you think about it?
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I have to say that I don't really have any idea as now, I'm not sure to well understand the problem in Isreal or between Israel, and Palestinia or other border liners countries. it has benn a too long war or dispute> War should end for now. Nevertheless, I understand that Israel tried to find out a hostage and that gender some conflict with the country which have this israeli hostage. It is great that a country do its best for their citizen...
l think it must be and anymore.I dont want any war in the Earth!!
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hi Rebellious_boy

critical thinking

But the devils and bad soul live around the Earth

they love battle and kill poor baby

I hope the people be more kind with suffering the others in the wars....
Wow it would be really wonderful a peaceful world, without weapons, where everybody will consider others as his brother, hear his reason instead of the anger, and.... Yes, i absolutely agree with you, it would be wonderful, but it's not the reality!
The reality is the fact that we can't really understand the action of Israel, and the absence of action of the international community, because they are a lot of political, financial, stategical interests we don't know, because information from Israel and Liban has been reinterpreted by media when arriving in our countries.
The real reason of this new war, we'll never know it before 10 years, as usual.
Israel must stop the war now,and appolojize to China and UN.I don't konw what fuck them doing.
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I don't know what kind of people live there .How can they allow their government to attack another country and spend lot of money to annihilate another nation.
Lebanon's Government undertakes nothing to prevent terrorists from doing in Lebanon what they want (otherwise they would have put an end to the bands). Lebanon people allow their Government to do that (otherwise they would have thrown down such a Government long time ago). I don't know what kind of people can allow their Government to treat terrorists this way. But Allah seems to have been incensed by such state of affairs.
why are you just considering those as terrorists while the israelis are not???? anwyay hizballa is just trying to let israel taste a bit of what we have tasted .......and why are you blaming hizballa and their government what about the israeli one??? or is it ok for them to kill ppl
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