For many years the only three things that the world knows about Italy was:

1. Pasta

2. Pizza

3. Mafia

But I think, and hope, that now, italian people are know for many other things.

We are the country of Ferrari, Valentino Rossi, Monica Bellucci ( very beatiful and sensual actress, i think)...Gabriele Muccino (the director of "The pursuit of happyness" the film with Will Smith)....

We have the soccer team champion of the world.

So...what do you think about Italy? Did you ever been here?

Do you like Italy or italian people?

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Italy is a popular holiday destination and a nice country especially Sardinia.
I like Italy and Italians. So Last summer I studied Italian. But it was soo difficult. My favourite was Italy in World Cup. When I hear Italy I remember Tiziano Ferro.
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And what's about Silvio Berlusconi?
Don't even mention him, please Emotion: wink
I love Italyy!:)

I went to Italy last year with the school and it was GREAT, I didn't expected much of it since Paris was unforgetable:)...I know, I know..I was wrong!I will never forget Italy, some day..I'll return!:p (Best thing of all..the ShOpPiNg:) )
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FrancescaDon't even mention him, please Emotion: wink
Why not?
I know supersweet women they are the most elegant women of the world , delicious foods -of course they include calories too much!- , great architectural works and a wonderful football league which completely satisfy the spectators...
FrancescaDon't even mention him, please Emotion: wink
Why not?
Because most of the Italians don't hold him in high esteem Emotion: tongue tied (me included)
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