Mexico is full or piracy merchandise, you easily can find cd's, movies, software, clothes produced mainly in the country and sold in any street of the city and people usally buy it to don't spent much money but on the other hand China is flooding our country with piracy about original Mexican products like chili, Guadalupe Virgin images, our own flag for national holydays... and people are buying everything, what's your point of view?
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SanzMexico is full or piracy merchandise...

So is Russia. And a lot of other countries, I am sure.

Until producers of legal CDs (and other merchandises) cut production prices, people will keep buying piracy ones. Because consumers simply don't want to overpay.
Well guys,

no matter the land it prevails everywhere and the most popular in piracy are China and India...greater the population greater the piracy kind of thing, I don't know why ? But it's the truth...
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I think piracy is most rampant in China and India because these are developing countries with a large population. That means that people have access to technology, but very often cannot afford to buy original stuff.

If the original products were affordable, then people would doubtless boy them more. I guess cutting the advert costs would help reduce the price and increase the sales. But that's becoming a bit of a paradox, isn't it?


- Joy

Piracy is everwhere, in the richer, more developed countries, it is found and stopped, and hushed, very quickly, but in the growing countries, (as mentioned before, Russia, China, India, ect) It doesn't get caught as often due to their 'newness' with all of the technology. Sometimes the little man is smarter than the government.

Now, correct me if I'm wrong.
I thought that Johnny Depp did a superb job in the movie.

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LazarusI thought that Johnny Depp did a superb job in the movie.


For me, Dustim Hoffman as Capt. Hook.

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It is good for poor people.
actually,it is very difficult for a government to control this,especially in developed countries,people could not afford to buy these things.
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