just read my essay ( actually its nt really an essay) can just tell me how is it n chech my grammer and the i have used the words and if any word dsnt match please correct it..so the topic is social taboos in sri lanka...

As I see a social taboo means a cultural or religious custom that forbids people to do. A country's social taboos can be different from other countries but there are social taboos in every country. In my opinion it is really necessary to have social taboos in order to make people civilized and also to make sure that people are safe. Taking photographs of frescoes, homosexuality, not providing primary education, vulgar behavior in public and going to holy places in an indecent way are some taboos in Sri Lanka.
It is Sri Lanka's duty to protect their frescoes as it shows their ancient civilization. Taking photographs of frescoes with flashes on is prohibited as it is harmful for frescoes. Personally I think that homosexuality would never be accepted in Sri Lanka because of its culture. It is generally expected these days that at least a child needs primary education that's why in Sri Lanka it is a must to provide primary education for children. As Sri Lanka values its culture, it is not accepted if people behave in a vulgar way in public. Pleasant behavior in public can make younger generation better in behavior. Though main religion is Buddhism, Sri Lanka is a multi religious country. So when people go to holy places like temples and churches, they should bedresed up in a decent way. For example no one can go to the Temple of Tooth showing body but in case someone goes there specially foreigners, they will be provided a piece of cloth to cover their body.
If you ask me that is it fair to have above social taboos in Sri Lanka, I would probably say yes because on the one hand people get punished for doing things which are not accepted to do and on the other hand it makes a civilized way of living. I strongly believe that it protects Sri Lanka's valuable culture.
AnonymousActually it is 'frescoes',; get your eEnglish right.
Both frescoes and frescos are acceptable foms.

Please note my corrections to your post.
I think everything is right, except the word frescos (not frescoes).
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This is really nice.. Dini. The spellings are correct except for the frescoes. It is simple and straight to the point. Good Job... Emotion: big smile
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