What is freedom? What defines freedom and access to it? What does it mean to be a free individual, a free society, a free country, or a free world? Does freedom mean the same thing to everyone? How are definitions of freedom changing? In what ways are different notions of freedom compatible or conflicting? Where does freedom end, and personal or social responsibility begin?
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Freedom is the state of being allowed to do what you want.
- (William A. White)

Liberty! eternal spirit of the chainless mind. - Byron
Freedom is not worth having if it does not connote freedom to err. - Mahatma Gandhi
Doing what we please is not freedom, it is not liberty; rather, it is the abuse of true liberty and freedom. - Cardinal Hayes
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I think 'freedom' is a term discussion of which is totally useless. It is all just a word game.

Start with 'possibility to do whatever you want'. You may want to share your freedom gift with other people, right?

Then accept the fact that other people doing whatever they want are limiting your own freedom. Ok, then restrict the defitinion with the usual 'while not disturbing other people'.

Then you come to the conclusion that it is not freedom at all if the freedom is a measure of the length of a leash.

It is useless. It is just sophism, playing with words and definitions. There is no freedom at all. Forget it. I am quite serious. We are living in a world wich is a self-interacting system, and these abstract definitions as 'freedom' and 'perfectness' don't relate to our life. Those may be an approximation, but what is there to talk about then?
How true! no man is 'really' free! but what do you think freedom of mind means? though you cant free your mind with all your worries and thoughts, but can you leave your mind free?
"We are living in a world which is a self-interacting system". I think this sentence is brilliant.
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i too agree!
'Free your mind'? It's not honest! With all the gurus and yogi around you, Deepa, you know the answer better than I do.Emotion: wink
hehe my answer bounced back! ok i will try to get the meaning of it!
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