Hello every body,

Today, I would like actually to talk about a very important issue that everyone encounters in his/her practical life. We usually, dear readers, get criticisms from people we love. It is a human nature to criticize more than to compliment. We sometimes think that such these criticisms wound our precious pride and hurt our sense of importance. Even if the criticisms are reasonable, we in return condemn trying to justify our own manners. "Let's realize that criticisms are like homing pigeons" said Dale Cardnegie, "They always return home."

Let us put a spotlight on this issue but from your perspectives. What do you think? When do you accept criticisms? And from whom? How do you often deal with criticisms? Do you criticize yourself? Do you criticize with compliment or you just attack directly? Do you believe that criticism is dangerous?

Your opinions are very valuable to me.

I'm looking forward to hearing from you.

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that's a very good subject M.

I think criticism is really dangerous, some people can't handle it and they get so insecure that getting a lot of criticism sometimes ends in depressions or anorexia or diseases like that.

fortunately i'm not like that and when i get criticism of people that i love and i think they're opinion is very important i will actually try to do something about it. When i get criticism of people which opinion i don't value or i dislike, i won't pay much attention to it, although i would get a bit hurt probably.

when i give criticism i always try to say something positive first, but to be honest i'm not really good in that:P. I sometimes say things that i regret and i try to think about my criticism before i actually say it to the person it's against.

i'm curious to other peoples opinion about this subject as well!
Hello Floxflow,

First of all, I greatly appreciate you taking the time to post this valuable comment which I like very much. Yes, I completely agree with you that criticisms are really risky and a lot of criticisms might collapse in depression. Why? Simply because we let our emotions speak first and our logic speak second. We also sometimes forget the fact that we are dealing with sensitive creatures, full of emotions and motivated by self-importance.

Criticisms with compliments are more affordable. They are helpful when we use the right word at the right place with the right person. How is that? By focusing on things that can be improved while avoiding personal insults. And that is what we call it the constructive criticism.

Thanks again for stopping by and sharing your valuable input. Your opinion helped me to take another look at the subject from another angle.

I'm still willing to read other's points of view.

Have good days and better nights.
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Hi Mohanned,

Good post! I liked telling my opinion about this subject!

See ya
Hey people! Be easy! I absolutely don't give a damn about criticism. I'm not afraid of it. I think it would be good to know what people think about you but you don't need to do as they wish to see.
Hello Prez1dent,

This is really great that you are not afraid of criticisms. And you accept criticisms whenever you think they are valid and well-reasoned. But do you think that sensitive individuals accept them easily? I don't think so. Criticisms can be easily misinterpreted especially if providers use strong language instead of softer language. What do you think my friend ?

Best wishes

Not to forget, thank you very much for your valuable insight. I greatly appreciate you taking the time to reply.

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I can use strong language too my friend. But I don't like it))))
Criticism is good when delivered properly, and if done for the sole purpose of helping someone improve. But if it is given just to mock a person or hurt someone's feelings, it's not good. Like a knife, if it is used to cut foods, it can be very useful. But if used to hurt a person, it's obviously not good.
you're sooo eloquent...)))
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