What do you think of Internet?

Why will the Internet be an opportunity for students, treachers, and parents? And what is the risk?
The Internet is a good tool for implementing the idea of freedom of speech. The Internet is a great facility for collecting information. The Internet makes it easy to build social connections. And the Internet has so much to deliver and has such a promising future.
However, what is the danger? What is uncertain? And what would life be like for those who don't go online for some reasons? May online socialization weaken our ability to deal with relationships in the real would?
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It is a fantastic tool that has connected much of the world.

Unfortunately there is also a lot of misinformation and that can cause a lot of problems. I've been shown articles that people have got from the internet and seem to take as gospel, even though to me they are blatantly incorrect.
internet is very useful for us. we can have a lot of friends all over the world. we can reach much knowledge by internet. we are able to improve our english like nowEmotion: wink
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internet gives me chance to find some new friends, information and for FUN
It think that the internet can be very useful, ifyou know where to look. Emotion: wink

Every thing in this life has advantage and disadvantage, even machines. Internet has advantage and disadvantages, computer is not human it doesn’t have brain to think, but people have. So they can take good things and leave bad things. God gave us beautiful brain so why we don’t use it very well.
It was my opinion. by the way I agree with you ( Clare)
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As for me the internet is a way to study and is a way to entertain myself...

i know that when i'm sad i can get some kind of bracing energy here. Of course everyone knows that it cannot lasts long, but anyway...
the internet has so many uses that i cant even begin to name them but i will:

talking to friends
finding information and facts
emailing..i could go on forever
The first time we installed internet at home was about 5 years ago, my older brother was the one among us who knows better about computer and internet. However, when I entered the college, every student requires buying laptop in the first year, we had a computer course which through it I learned how to deal and use the computer appropriately. My use of internet was restricted to checking my emails, communicating with my teachers, doing online tutorials related to my studying, and downloading files which I liked. However, a year ago I registered to a certain forum and I got many friends through it from different countries around the world that allowed me to know more about their culture and their life.

Concerning the dangers of internet, I admit that we should be careful about the relationships through internet. Although we don’t surely know who we talk or chat with online, we shouldn’t give him the fully identity or information about ourselves whoever this person is unless he is your classmate or your real friend who they visit you, otherwise it is advisable to be caution. I don’t mean that we shouldn’t create online friendship but we should keep on our mind that whatever information we got about this person, we still don’t fully know him or his purpose or intention. I read a story of a little girl who chatted with a man online, the man sent her his pictures and told her his life and every thing, the girl trusted him and her relationship with him became strong. One day, a man asked her to see her on the train station, the girl was hesitated but because she trusted him, she agreed but she required that their meeting will be in a place where there are crowd of people. the girl bring with her flowers and a picture of that man and she waited on the exact place, he called her to know where she is, when the girl saw that the man is different on how the picture is showed, she fell the flowers down on the ground and she ran away to her home. The point was that the man cheated her and the pictures weren’t his pictures. She thought he is just a boy like her age, but she surprised that he is a man very old than her.
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