Hello, everyone! I met a sentence which I don't quite understand. It says "Work is a means to an end." Can anyone tell me what it means? Thanks in advance!
A means to an end is an idiom. It is used when something you are doing (work) is not as important to you as what you hope to achieve by doing it (in this case, probably money). Whoever says this does not really enjoy their job in itself, it is a job they are just doing to earn some money.
a means to an end
something that you are not interested in but that you do because it will help you to achieve something else. Mike doesn't have any professional ambitions. For him, work is just a means to an end. (not used with the)

See also: end , mean

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a means to an end
something done to achieve something else. You may get tired of regular physical exercise, but it's simply a means to an end.

See also: end , mean

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Think of it in this way:

Means is defined as an instrument to accomplish some end; End is defined as a result of using the means. So, if we were to put them together, we would say that something is an instrument (means) to obtain some result (end).

Hope this will help...
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I'd like to add that, in my opinion, the word end in this idiom means goal, purpose in which case the idiom means (like nona just said) 'a means to achieve your goal'.
Thank you for your help.
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In philosophy, it means that you are using someone to achieve certain objectives. It's like treating someone as a 'stepping stone'.
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It means simply that it work is used to reach a goal....
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