What does ''are you wasted?'' mean? Does it mean the same thing as ''are you tired?''?
Yes, in some contexts.

Typically, when someone is “wasted” on something, he is usually referred to as in a state of being unable to process thoughts and logic due to intoxication or influence by substance; like alcohol and drugs.

Waste – could mean to kill in some context.

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Jackson, context is needed to answer your question.

Without any context, I would expect your sentence to mean either
"Are you extremely drunk?"
- or -
"Are you high on drugs?"

It is not likely to mean "Are you tired?" But in just the right context, I suppose it could.
I recently saw a South Park episode where Paris Hilton (as a character) said more or less this:

Paris: "I drank too much... Oh my God, I'm so wasted! The room's all spinning... I'm totally passing out" - (and she passed out).

I remember that very well, it was too funny Emotion: smile
PS: by the way, I just checked Urban Dictionary and they say: "To be extremely intoxicated from the use of alcohol or drugs". It seems that "being tired" is not considered at all.
Hi Kooyeen

Keep in mind that the Urban Dictionary contains primarily slang and/or very informal language. It does not include everything and it certainly doesn't address all possible contexts and meanings (but it does include tired/bored as a possible definition of 'wasted'). Theoretically speaking, Jackson's sentence could also mean something similar to "Are your talents not being utilized?" It all depends on the context -- which Jackson unfortunately hasn't given us.

But, I agree, without any context, the drunk or stoned meanings are the most likely.
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While we are on the subject, let’s “waste” a few more minutes.

if you asked me “how was you weekend?” and I said “it was wasted with the in-laws”, I am saying I killed the weekend with my in-laws.

No doubt, if the context involved Paris Hilton, it’s the correct definition! Which part of her wasn't? Emotion: big smile

if someone said I am wasted on my partner please can you tell me what that means. Thank you

if someone said I am wasted on my partner please can you tell me what that means.

It means 'My partner doesn't deserve me.'

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