That angered her. “Whilst you have an honest beard, is that what you are telling me? You are the only man I should ever trust?”
He stiffened. “I did not say that.”
“You say it every day. Pyat Pree’s a liar, Xaro’s a schemer, Belwas a braggart, Arstan an assassin . . . do you think I’m still some virgin girl, that I cannot hear the words behind the words?”
“Your Grace—”
She bulled over him. (Game of Thrones)

Hi. What's the meaning of the bold part?
Thank you.



It's an unusual phrase, but I'd say that it means to act in an aggressive, dominant way



If you search bull over in the books you referred to, you will find three usage cases , each is used to interrupt the speech of another guy. So here it clearly means interrupt someone's speech by force, like a bull.

A Chinese version of my explanation here .