Dear teachers ,

I read an article written in English on education , and I don't understand the noun " charges " in the sentence below:

" Overcrowded classrooms also mean that students will have little chance to practise listening and speaking English.

As Hanna Floyd says: "Twenty primary-school students is the best class number because the children need to be active during lessons and teachers have to listen carefully to all their charges ".

Please explain to me the meanibg of it . By the way , do you think the clause " Twenty primary-school students is the best class number " is ok ?

Thank you in advance
charges - people you are responsible for.

Yes, the phrase sounds ok to me.
Thank you Nona the Brit. By the way Please tell me whether this sentence is ok : " Iran left word to the world that it has nuclear power and it is not the one to be easily intimidated "

Thank you in advance
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"Left word" isn't quite right. It sounds like the wrote a little note or asked someone to deliver a message. I left word with your secretary that I'd be late for lunch.

Also, delete the "the" - and is not one to be easily intimidated.
Thank you Grammar Geek .Could you please show me how to write this sentence correctly ?

Best wishes
I don't know what you want to convey. One version might be "Iran made it known to the world that..." or "Iran made a declaration that..."
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Can I say " Iran sends word to the world that...."?
How did they send word? What medium did they use? Who gave the message? You may be able to use this, depending on the answers to these questions.