MISSED DOSE: If you miss a dose, take as soon as remembered; do not take if it is almost time for the next dose, instead, skip the missed dose and resume your usual dosing schedule. Do not double-up more than one dose daily.
1 double-up means "use or take"? or two times(double dose)
2 daily means what?

1.) "double-up" means taking 2 doses at once. For example, if you were supposed to take one pill a day, and you took 2 pills at the same time instead of one pill, that is "doubling-up".

2.) "daily" means every day. If you do something daily, you do it every day.

Hope that helps!

thanks to Haoqide!

what does your name mean? is it ????
I am chinese, if you want learn chinese, maybe i can help you.
by the way, ?????? is not as good as ??????
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Hi, Huaxirick!

Yep, my name means curious. I've been learning Chinese for about a year now. I originally had ????? in my signature, but a friend from Taiwan said I should say ??????? So now I'm confused! Which is better and why?
in P.R. China, we say ???? and ????,not ????? and ???????? is better.

i am not sure which is better in Taiwan, sometimes we use different words to express the same thing, just like US English and British English

maybe we can chat in MSN. my MSN is Email Removed
?????means I learn Chinese by myself.
??????means I learn Chinese alone. that is to say, I don't learn Chinese with anyone else.
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OH! ?,??! ????????????????
haoqide , your name sounds so funny! it reminds me that when i was the first year in
high school, one of my classmate, named "???", introduced himself in english as :
"hello, everyone! my name is wang capital." at first we just felt a little strange, after a
sencond, all of us laught. although later he changed his english name, we still called him
" wang capital" because it is really happy memory to us. most people say that learning chinese is much more difficult than english, but if you keep going, it will be enjoyable and
achievable. if you have any questions, ask me without hesitate! if i don't know, i will ask a friend of mine who major is chinese to help you!! MSN: Email Removed