Hi people,

I would like to enquire about the meaning of this phrase: 'facing page'.

What does it mean? I saw it here:


and saw in monolingual dictionary (without explanation). It is certainly derives from the verb 'face' (or not)... but I would like to know its meaning.

Does it mean the page which is in front of you when you read a book/magazine/paper/etc. ?

Thanks for your help in advance.
When you have a book open, you are looking at, for instance, pages 74 (on the left) and 75 (on the right). A reference on page 74 might read "see illustration on facing page." The facing page for page 74 is page 75.
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Thank you very much. Does 'opposite page' mean the same? And it would be my last question in this thread.
Yes, opposite page = facing page

You will also see references to unnumbered pages (e.g. with an illustration) as 'facing page 12'.
Thank you very much. I got the answer Emotion: smile
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So would page 74 be the facing page of page 75 then?