Am new to London and a lot of Londoners use the expression "Get in!"

Does anyone know what this means when they use it? Is it a negative or positive expression? How would you put it in other words for a non-Londoner?


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We need to know in what context you hear this. If it is while you are standing at the door of a bus, it means "get on the bus".
No. I do undertsnad the correct grammatical usage of the phrase 'get in' as in, as you said- 'get in the bus.'

The expression 'get in!' I hear is used as slang, as a colloquialism, as a reply to something someone has said, or to something they are doing.

I hope someone can resolve it for me,

Thanks very much indeed,

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I wonder if you are hearing it correctly as I can't think of any use of 'get in' as slang (and I live near London).

Can you give us an example of what it might be replying to or detail of when you have heard it?
Just admit it Nona, Londoners are screwed up. Emotion: stick out tongue
I too have heard that phrase said and would like to know what it means. In the context of - the person wins a raffle and they say 'get in!'
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One traditional London saying is.

- Get in there my old son!!

It means that you are advised to get involved in a situation because you definitely have a chance of success

I suppose a typical usage would be if a member of the opposite sex is being pointed out as someone who is interested in you. But it is used widely. For example, if you were thinking of applying for a job and your speaker thinks you have a good chance

Regards, Dave

I've just discovered that it is London but via the US!

I believe an earlier saying is "Get in there and pitch!"

[= stop talking and dreaming - actually do the thing!]

There seems to have been an Afro-American variation in use - Get in there! - as early as the 1930s

Regards, Dave
Regardless of the origin it's not saying anything to me!

The Urban Dictionary lists this entry:

Get in!

<interjection> Chiefly British;

1) Expression of victory or happiness of the result of a given situation.

Americans would just say, "Yay!"

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