i couldn't find it in a dictionary what it does means

gotcha = got + something ?

any help would be appreciated
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Gotcha = Got you

It can mean "(I) caught you" or "I understand you". It depends on the context.
WoodwardGotcha = Got you

It can mean "(I) caught you" or "I understand you". It depends on the context.

Can also be used to mean "I put one over on you" as in you jump out of a box and yell "Gotcha" when you surprise somebody.
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This word has been discussed in detail in another forum (Post No.181020).

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hi, ı have a friend that name is goctha.. she is from polond. ı want to say . maybe it would help you
gotcha = got you = got what you mean = I understand your point = now I understand what you mean
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It means "I got you" or if your friend or family member or anyone tells you something and you think its serious and get angerie or depressed or mixed emotions then they say the word "gotcha." So now you know...right? No..it isnt got + something.....its a joking term.
Yeah, gotcha just means got you. We often spell 'got you' as 'gotcha' when chatting with friends because that's how it's usually pronounced. 'You' is usually pronounced very, very differently depending on where it is in a sentence because of the stress rule in English or because it's easier to say that way. Other contractions are like 'betcha' which is 'bet you'. And also 'wanna' for 'want to' and 'gonna' for 'going to' are also extremely common.

Some examples of the 'you's would be:

You and I. (U and I)
You're going? (Yer goin?)
I'm going to get you. (I'm gonna get cha)
I'm going to own you. (I'm gonna own joo)
I'm going to wait for you. (I'm gonna wait for ya)

It's quite confusing, but it really does sound very funny if you pronounce 'you' clearly if it's not the key word in the sentence.

batter later than never...Emotion: smile))

Gotcha = I´ve got you - I´ve understood you.

Yours Charlie
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