I did some searching and found out it stands for Head Bitch In Charge.
But I have no ideas about its explicit meanings.
What does Head Bitch In Charge means ?
Does it means something bad?
Hi Lavender;

It is not a common acronym. Can you provide some context?

Urban dictionary (which has the newest slang terms) gives: Head (unprintable word) in Charge, meaning a woman who is the boss. It is not flattering. It implies that the woman is aggressive, mean and nasty.
Don't use this in polite company - it is insulting and rude.

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Here is a blog which dives into the details: https://www.englishforums.com/blog/hbic-meaning/

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I'm not familiar with this phrase. It justs seems lilke a person's job title of some kind.

Where did you find it? In what context?

I see nothing bad about it at all.

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You said I did some searching and found out it stands for Head In Charge.

I didn't question this, since you said you had found this was the answer, but now I see that the letters are HBIC. So, the answer by A-stars is better than mine.

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Thanks guys
I'm an Kpop fan and this is the article

[Video] Rainbow's 2nd HBIC dances to single ladies. Remains flawless!

Rainbow's Kim Jaekyung did a perfect reenactment of Beyonce's dance.

Kim Jaekyung has appeared on the show KBS 2TV Chuseok Special 'Star Family, my mom is the best'(MC Kim Yong Man, Lee Soo Geun, Kim Shin Young) on the 23rd with her mother.

Kim Jaekyung who was not chosen yet for the instant families said "It's because you don't know me well" and came with an image transformation. She has matched her dance to Beyonce's Single Ladies and made everyone surprised.

ZE:A Kwanghee's mother who has seen this has chosen Jaekyung. Since Jaekyung's mother has also chosen Kwanghee has made a couple appear.

In the other hand, in 'Star Family, my mom is the best' there were the mother of Bae Ki Sung, DJ DOC's Kim Chang Ryeol, Supreme Team's Simon D, FTIsland's Hongki, Comedia Park Sung Kwang, ZE:A's Kwanghee, Actor Jung Siah, Kim Jung Min, KBS Announcer Park Eun Young, Rainbow Jaekyung's mother who have been revealed.

One of the fan comment "does HBIC stand for "Head Bitch In Charge"?? >>" and... 14 peoples like this comt.
I have no idea whether this has a positive meaning or not since it has "B****"
But I guess this is something better-not-to-use Emotion: smile
Nice day:X
It stands for: Head. Bitch. In. Charge(:
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