Hi, can someone please help me understand what is the

man say in 00:04?

"....(?)...to figure it out by the end of the week"




I tried, but no. He is talking very fast, he has a New York accent with a trace of Yiddish overlaid, and the recording seems to start in the middle of what he's saying.

Thank you for trying... if you would like to try again, there is a video playback speed option under 'settings' in youtube.

2)Any idea what does he say in 15-19 seconds?:

"...about it,o.k? It is a closed deal,

...(?)..lawyers...at exactly...

Thanks a bunch...

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anonymous...(?)..lawyers...at exactly...

if you get the

Thank you for your help

Any idea what he says before 'about' at 15's?

Is the word is "think"?

anonymousIs the word is "think"?

Don't try to get those. The recording starts while he's speaking, and the overdub crushes it. Listen to something that is not challenging because of defects in the recording.

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Well, thank you for your help anyway.