I have a question what does "imperative of development mean". Thank you for the reply
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What context did you find these words in, please?

Thank you for taking cognisance the context is
"Curiously, barring unforeseen circumstances, no one who has ever invested in real estate has ever failed to reap a rich harvest. One reason behind this is the secular increase in demand for land, following the imperative of development, which willy-nilly pushes up prices".This is a newspaper article.
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'The imperative of development' is a way of saying that there are many reasons why people feel that they must develop land. 'Develop' means eg build houses, factories, stores,society

'Secular' seems like an odd word to use in your paragraph. I wonder if the writer really understands its meaning.

Thank you for your reply.Does it also mean that necessity of development?

Yes, in the sense that people feel development is necessary.

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Thank you very much for replying.
I have a question."what is the difference between secret and secretive"and also "secretively and secretly".I would be thankful for your response.If possible please give examples so that i will be able to understand easily.Thank you.

Here's the very broad idea. Check a dictionary for details.

I assume you are asking about adjectives and adverbs. ('Secret' is also a noun.),

Secret usually describes a thing.
eg Tom gave Mary a secret gift.
eg ToM gave Mary a secret smile.

Secretive describes a person's character.
eg Tom is a very secretive person, He does not share a lot of information with other people.

Secretly focuses on what is done.
eg Tom secretly told Mary he loved her.

Secretively focuses on the character of the person.
Tom checked that no-one was looking, and then secretively gave the beggar $100. Tom didn't want any praise.

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