There is a lot of concern about tracking people and making sure that we have everyone in the community registered so that we know where they are, and that they're safe.

How chaotic is that process? Because by all accounts this happened incredibly quickly, amazing really that the Mayor was able to get the word out to everybody in town to get out. Uh how difficult is it now to track down all of those people? Because I gather they’re not all in one spot of course either.

That's right. Uh, Lytton has a highway that goes through it, it goes east and west, and people went, what with what they felt was the safest route. So, part of the challenge today will be to find where people are to connect, people to um emergency centers and also to see what their needs are, so that we can advocate with the gov, with the provincial government to ensure that people's needs are met.

Now Jackie, I know we mentioned you are in Ashcroft and nearby town. How far away are you from Lytton? And are you concerned that the town of Ashton may be impacted, Ashcroft rather?

Well, we're engulfed in smoke and we’re an hour away from Lytton, and within my riding I have three wildfires that are out of control right now. So, I’m concerned in all those situations, we have people on evacuation alert, we have people evacuated, and we have the Lytton situation, so it's it's very tense, it's very scary and it excuse me, it's just the start of the fire season.

It sounds terrifying to be on evacuation alert that alone. How, what are you hearing from people, in your constituency, are people trying to leave now preventatively?


A riding is an electoral district in Canada.

‘The country is divided into districts or ridings electing one MP each.

Created in 2008 as a result of the Electoral Districts Act, the Fraser-Nicola riding was first contested in the 2009 election, when Harry Lali won the seat for the BC NDP. In 2013, Jackie Tegart defeated Lali and flipped the seat in favour of the BC Liberal Party, then defended her incumbency in the 2017 provincial election by 524 votes. In the 2020 election, there are five candidates running in the riding — including two Independents.

https://cfjctoday.com/2020/10/20/bc-election-riding-profile-fraser-nicola /


I'm a native English speaker in the US, and I'm not sure what "within my riding" means. This is unusual usage in English, typically reserved for horseback riding. Presumably the passage describes a contemporary situation, and today people ride around in vehicles, not on horseback. In a car or truck you can travel hundreds of miles a day, but on a horse you are limited to a relatively small radius ("within my riding"). Apparently the speaker is something like a forest ranger and uses a horse as his means of transportation. In other parts of the book does the speaker ride a horse?

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