What’s the function of the first paragraph? What does “introduction” mean? I feel the first paragraph seems to function as the theme. Do you think so?

The first paragraph serves as a(n)_______.

A. explanation B. introduction

C. comment D. background.

Foreign drivers will have to pay on-the-spot fines of up to £900 for breaking the traffic law to be carried our next month.

If they do not have enough cash or a working credit card, their vehicles will be clamped(扣留)until they pay-and they will face an additional fee of £80 for getting back their vehicles.

The law will also apply to British citizens. The fines will be described officially as “deposits” when the traffic law takes effect, because the money would be returned if the driver went to court and was found not guilty. In practice, very few foreign drives are likely to return toBritainto deal with their eases.

Foreign drivers are rarely charged because police cannot take action against them if they fall to appear in court, Instead, officers often merely give warnings.

Three million foreign-registered vehicles enterBritaineach year. Polish vehicles make up 36 percent, French vehicles 10 percent and German vehicles 9 percent.

Foreign vehicles are 30 percent more likely to be in a crash than British-registered vehicles. The number of crashes caused by foreign vehicles rose by 47 percent between 2003 and 2008. There were almost 400 deaths and serious injuries and 3000 slight injuries from accidents caused by foreign vehicles in 2008.

The new Law is party intended to settle the problem of foreign lorry divers ignoring limits on weight and hours at the wheel. Foreign lorries are throe times more likely to be in a crash than British Lorries. Recent spot checks found that three quarters of Lorries that failed safety tests were registered overseas.

The standard deposit for a careless driving offence —such as driving too close to the vehicle in front or reading a map at the wheel—will be £300. Deposits for speeding offences and using mobile phones will be £60. Foreign drivers will not get points as punishment added to their licenses, while British drivers will.
No, 'introduction'.
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Some say it is the lead. What about this idea?
Yes, but that is a very vague term.
In analyzing the struture of an essay , I always confuse these terms: introduction; subject; topic; theme. Can you help me distinguish between them? Thanks!
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In the case of this article, if we define the first paragraph as an introduction, I think it will be too general. I feel thesis statement is to the point.