It means that you understood the irony of the situation, i.e., the strange, contradictory, or unexpected nature of the situation.

When something "is not lost on you", it means you are able to understand it.


I'd just like to add that it means ' . . . you are able to understand it in a situation where someone might think you weren't able to understand it'.

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Irony is most commonly found in words used to express a meaning that is the exact opposite of what is being said, for example "oh, great" when something bad happens. In conversation, irony give shades of hidden deeper meaning to jokes, puns, and clever arguments, to purposely contradict the meaning intended by a statement, as part and parcel of the process of expressing it.

Irony is a bitch, btw
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Thank you very much. I think this forum is a wonderful way to discover the ever changing nuances of a language that took so much from others...

A language that -- like others living languages throughout the world -- continues to evolve and cross-influence other languages.

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