A:There's a sign saying "No Parking"!!!
B:Well, isn't that something!!! I just parked here last week with no problem.
What does "isn't that something" mean?
Can we say that in this situation?
A: Your hair looks stupid, you dumb little brat.
B: Well, isn't that something!! My hair is shampooed!!
Isn't that something is a phrase to indicate surprise or affirmation.
We just put a man on the moon. ~ Isn't that something!
He just told me he's getting married. ~ Isn't that something!
[ In these examples, the phrase may be said by the same person who said the first sentence, or it may be said by someone else. ]
It makes sense to me in your second example as a sort of sarcastic retort "well, of course, it looks dumb because...."
CharmYouB:Well, isn't that something!!!
It is an expression of surprise,

Here are some other variations:
Well, isn't that the cat's pajamas!!! (Admiration)
Well, doesn't that beat all!!! (Wonderous)
Well, doesn't that take the cakel!!!
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Can those variations be used when the things we are talking about are not cat's pajamas or cakel?
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They are idioms.

Joanne got a new designer's dress, with matching shoes, new makeup and a new hairdo. She thinks that she is the cat's pajamas!


Take the cake = It is so good / bad that it would win a contest

What is the exact synonym of it?