Straight men just expecting their girlfriends to do their laundry if they buy them things creates persistent inequity. That being said, on an individual level we can only go with the dynamics that work for us. But a quick sentence peppered here or there sympathizing with girls who keep finding the same expectant straight guys could do wonders for fag-feminist diplomatic relations, instead of just dismissing the idea of gendered work altogether.

A. what does it mean?

B. what's peppered mean ? Does it mean to include?

C. whats fag-feminist mean?
B. peppered here and there: spread, put, inserted, dropped here and there
C. diplomatic relations between the gays and the feminists
Sorry, David, I had typed a long post but then my cat stepped on my keyboard and I don't have the heart to retype it all.

Summary: I think it's saying: Don't say "Stop doing the laundry for these geeks because you're acting like a stereotpye when you do. Do say "I'm sorry things aren't working out well in your relationship." Sympathizing and not criticizing will help build relationships between gay men and feminist women.