What do the abbreviations at the end of letters mean?
I recently recieved a letter and at the bottom left there are letters?
Could someone give a little lesson on the meaning of all the abbreviations that are used in letter writing?

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You might want to visit this site: http://www.acronymfinder.com
"Db" might mean "dispatched by", or "database"
I haven't found any satisfying "KK", but that could be the initials of a person, just like the "PB".
There are dozens of possibilities as you'll see on the site, sorry I can't help you more...
I checked in the Forums: Cc at the end of a letter?
This might help you a bit...
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I think the Db/KK are the initials of the secretary who actually typed the letter and the person who composed and signed the letter. In other words, this letter might have be from King Kong, but it was actually typed by his secretary, Dust Bunny. The boss gets two capital letters and the secretary gets only one.

By the way, "dust bunny" is what we call the little clumps of dust that collect under the bed.

As has already been explained, cc means carbon copy and is followed by the initials of other people who will receive a copy of the same lettter.
Thanks, khoff!
I meant to ask this in my last post - what do you call dust bunnies in France? Or don't you have any?
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OOOOOOh yes, we do, khoff!
We call them "moutons" (sheep)!
Rabbits? Moutons?

This thread has cast unexpected light on the relative frequency with which French and American people vacuum under the bed...