I usually hear people say the phrase: "she/he has come a long way". what does that mean?
she/he has come a long way.

He or she has a made a lot of progress.


Last year Sally was badly injured in a car accident. She had multiple broken bones and was unable to walk for a while.

But during the past year she has been going to physical therapy. Now she walks with a slight limp and is able to run for short distances.

She certainly has come a long way since her accident.

It need not be so dramatic. It could even be students in school.

Yes, the grade 3 students certainly have come a long way during the past year. John especially has really learned a lot blah blah blah.

Hope that helps.
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thanks! I see.
thanks! I see.

Whenever I see the phrase, "I see," I am reminded of one my prior bosses who had a very quick wit. Whenever I said, "I see," he would add in quickly, "said the blind man to the deaf dog."

That always made me laugh. Thought you might enjoy the humor.
yeah, that's very funny!
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