Beaver: "Real sick guy here!" Jonesy: "Glad you're okay. This situation will be resolved within 24-48 hours." Beaver: "Kiss my bender!"
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It sounds quite rude. I wouldn't advise using it.

The general meaning seems failry clear, but it's not a standard expression.

I don't recommend that you kiss such a thing.Emotion: smile

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I got what you've both carefully avoided directly mentioning. Thank you.
To be exact, is the thing the same as a baby's behind? Or front?
I never heard of "bender". I only know it is used to refer to an homosexual male, but only in the UK, or anyway, not in the US.
Anyway, if it is used to refer to what you can imagine (the joint that makes people bend over), I have to say I don't find it rude at all. I think it's actually a euphemism, so it's actually softening the usual direct expression. Emotion: smile
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kiss my bender

Kiss my bender!

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