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The Australia federal government has slashed 400 jobs from medicare's head office in Ccnberra...they have decided that up to 400 jobs will have to go at he head office here in Canberra....

Australia Human Services Minister Joe Hockey said

(1) " I 'm facing the reality that you can't labour under a head office that has tripled in size over the last 10 years yet I don't believe it has been able to deliver the sorts of IT services that were promised. "

(2). "Apparently there are 23different ways to claim Medicar, that is not sustainable."

* Does labour under sth mean to believe sth that is not true in sentence #1?

Could you guys please give me an example of sentence ? and

* what does " that is not sustainable" mean in sentence #2 ?

thank you....have a good day!
"you can't labour under a head office that has tripled in size ..."
"a person can't work when he is directed by a governing group of people that is now three times the size ..."
"it is now impossible to take direction from such a large group"

"labour under" does not mean that something is untrue in this case. In other cases it can mean that.

"that is not sustainable" means "that situation cannot be continued".
It means "we cannot continue to work like that".


thank you for your clear explanation